Currency & Coins

A currency market for individual investors!

If you want to trade Krone, Hryvnia, Zloty or Peso, eCrowdex has designed an exchange for the more than 100 currencies without an organized marketplace. While there are electronic exchanges for inter-bank trading of the twenty major currencies, these inter-bank systems are not available to individual investors or traders.

At present, there is no electronic exchange for the over 100 other currencies that are in use today. Individual dealers do call markets in one or more of these other 100 currencies; however, an individual dealer market is not an exchange with multiple interacting participants and with clearing facilities to settle their transactions.

We anticipate both dealers and individual traders would use eCrowdex to trade currency 24-hours a day. Active individual traders and dealers would find the free advertising with each displayed order an incentive to use eCrowdex. The Danish Krone market below show how a typical currency market might look on eCrowdex. Trading Danish Krone Put & Call options is possible.

Danish Krone Trading Market

The Agentine Peso Call option at 34-cents below illustrates one of many possible ways to trade the Argentine Peso with eCrowdex software.

Argentine Peso Trading Market

Trading SilverEagles, Kruggerands, gold Sovereigns, Morgan Dollars and other coins are possible using eCrowdex software.