Stocks & Options

Peer to peer trading of stocks & options on eCrowdex!

It is possible to trade stocks and options in the same account on eCrowdex. It is also possible for a member to trade stocks and options in multiple related accounts. Cybertel common and Cybertel Calls are used for the examples below. It is possible to short Cybertel common against long Cybertel Calls in a different account. A member viewing a typical margin account short Cybertel secured by Cybertel Calls would see:

eCrowdex Margin Status

The Short 2,000 CYBERTEL in the US$ account below is secured by 2,000 of the 10,000 CYBERTEL-Calls in the C$ account above. The margin or loan value of -16,000 is a function of the CYBERTEL-Call strike price (2,000 X $8 = 16,000). The Short 4,500 STERLING MINE is unsecured and the margin is -27,000 which is 150-percent of the market value.

eCrowdex Margin Status

Values in the C$ account are in Canadian dollars. The group-value of C$2,246,311, converted at C$1 = US81-cents, is equal to US$1,797,039 in the US$ account above.