Trader-ID, our contribution to social media

Trader-ID is a unique feature that provide eCrowdex users with peer to peer contact in the same way brokers contact one another to arrange transactions, inquire about size or price of bids and offerings.

Free Trader-ID advertising

Each Trader-ID allows eCrowdex users to attach an 80-character free advertisement to each of their orders for display in any trading market in which they have an order.

eCrowdex Trading Market

The images above shows typical Trader-ID advertisements such as: 540-464-5333 CALLS BOT & SOLD or [email protected]. Investors and Brokers may use Trader-ID to advertise their specialized service. Users can also choose to remain anonymous by using Trader-IDs such as Z117 or TRADER DAN.

This typical view of a trading market shows six orders and five unique Trader-IDs. eCrowdex allows traders to view 40 orders in any trading market and member-clients can double click on any order to activate an action-box to prepare a buy or sell order or edit any parameter before entering it.

Both Trader-ID and 24-hour trading are optional features. Individual trading markets can be adjusted for shorter trading days. Some companies may only want their shares traded five or six days a week.